The 'bootbank' concept is a clear example of  ‘upcycling’. The first benches were developed 5 years ago by Marcel van Wees en Daan Dijkstra. By cutting derelict boats in half, two boats are created. Each bench is heavy-duty and unique, ideal for garden or decking both commercial and residential. The boats are also great in public space as most are vandalproof. We love the proces of creating as each boat create new benches as they are fitted with available recycled wood. In this film you can see how a 'bootbank' is made. 



The 'badkuipstoel' is perfect upcycling, the comfort couldn't be better in this aesthetic combination of a former office chair frame with half a bathtub. Sharp edges have been covered with window-rubbers from old cars.  



We have developed upcycle tables from so called 'stone-plates'. Each table consists of 2 plates and can sit up to four adults and 2 children on 1,5 sqm.

Because of there unique design they can fit in smaller spaces and are easily accessible​. In 2015 cafe de Ceuvel got ten tables for their terras

A dome is a geometric shape with enormous strength. Created from recycled gates, any dome can be custom made to fit the clients needs. It can house just about everything inside. It can be covered with wood or glass elements or any other recycled material. 'Logic Works' realised a small village in Oeganda, a circusdome at the Magneetfestival en is currently involved with a innovative workshop with recycled materials in Cairo, egypt.

‘Logic Works’ is a design studio with a cooperative workshop at the heart of the Ceuvel. It’s an easy approachable place where a great diversity of projects are born. We are always looking for new ways of upcycling like the ‘bootbank’ and are keen to develop new insights in dealing with materials and find new collaborations with creative minds alike. We are looking for the logic in each project, we will take the time to listen to a client’s wishes before translating it to a design. From day 1 we were closely involved in creating and building the Ceuvel, for instance we built the jetty and coordinated the general plan and the actual building of the boats. We still manage the Ceuvel today and have been involved in design projects with just about all other Ceuvel partners, we feel like a part of Ceuvel DNA.